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IIT-Hyderabad DAT Solution 2020-2021

IIT Hyderabad Long DAT, Short DAT Question Paper 2019-2020

The selection in IIT-H(2020) was based on a Long DAT (Design Aptitude Test), Short DAT and the shortlisted candidates will have to appear for personal interview.

Long DAT - (3 Consecutive days were given)


  •  Solve any 2 (two) questions. All the questions carry equal marks (50 marks).

  •  The answers to both the questions should be complied in a single PDF file whose size should be

  • less than 10MB

  • Upload the PDF file in the Google Form in the field “Upload Long DAT answer Sheet”

  • Deadline for submission is 23rd May, 2021, 23:59 hrs.


Q1. You, along with 100 people have been teleported into the stone age. Present your thoughts and ideas about how to survive, develop and grow as a community in that time-period. Use sketches, drawings, models, prototypes, etc. to communicate your ideas. All the representations should be hand-drawn.

Q2. Look up what ‘Persona’ means from any resource and click a selfie/portrait photograph which projects or captures your own persona. You are welcome to include objects, make-up, clothes, lighting and sets in the selfie/portrait photograph. Title the photograph.

Also, include behind the scene process of arriving at the final image through a collage of pictures (such as setting up the space, taking your photograph, editing the photograph)

Feel free to select any orientation/ size and resolution for the photographs.

Q3.If you are given the opportunity of redesigning the human body, what would you propose as a redesign? Use drawings, sketches and models to communicate a new design/designs for the human body. All the representations should be hand-drawn/made. For reference ideas, look up what science and culture have to say about the human body and you can also explore human physiology, anatomy and psychology.

Q4.Capture the mood of the story given below through one or multiple hand-drawn illustrations(drawing/sketching/painting) using any medium like pencils, colors, paints, etc.

A group of mice were sitting in a hayloft, discussing the problem of the farmer’s cat. “With that

cat around, it’s not safe to step outside anymore,” said one mouse. “We need to find a way to tell when the cat’s around and when she isn’t,” said another. Many plans were discussed and rejected. Finally, one mouse announced what he thought would be the perfect solution. “The problem with the cat is that she is so quiet,” said the mouse. “What if we tie a small bell around her neck so that every time she moves, the bell will tinkle? That way, we’ll always know where she is, and she’ll never be able to surprise us.” “Brilliant!” said one mouse. “Perfect!” said another. “What a wonderful plan!” exclaimed a third. All agreed that putting a bell on the cat was the solution they were looking for. When they finished congratulating one another, the oldest mouse spoke up: “Putting the bell on the cat sounds like a good idea, but tell me, which one of us will do the job?”

Q5. Design a non-app based vaccination drive for a pandemic in rural India. Use a rural context local to you. Document all your explorations, ideas, and any other references used in the process including any rough works to support your final Design. You can use any medium of representation.

Download IIT-H_Long_DAT_Question Paper PDF

Download IIT-H Long DAT Solution 2021 (Design Aptitude Test Solution)

*Disclaimer: The answer attached below is not a standard answer, this is my way to approach these questions, you might have a completely different approach and that is completely appreciative.*

Short DAT

A different set of questions where asked with different groups of people based on candidate's scheduled day. Candidate supposed to attempt test in front of live Camera, 1 Hour)


  • Answer ONE of the following questions.

  • All the illustrations / drawings /Representations should be hand-drawn

  • Do not use any digital media

  • Duration of the test is 1 hour

  • Upload the file in the Google From

  • Name the file with your registration with prefix as Short_DAT_Application number

Question 1:

1. Design a family of pictograms / icons/ pictorial representation for any 5 traditional Indian

games of your choice.


1. Each pictogram size should be 2”X2” square

2. Use only black and white hand-drawn sketches

Question 2:

“Plastic bottles are good for the environment”

Prove this statement through your design solutions.

Short DAT Question Paper all 2020-2021

Short DAT Solution IIT Hyderabad 2020-2021

*Disclaimer: The answer attached below is not a standard answer, this is my way to approach these questions, you might have a completely different approach and that is completely appreciated.*

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