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IDC (IIT-Bombay)

IDC Question paper 2023 | Animation Design | Industrial Design | Interaction Design | Communication Design


Animation Design

Duration: 1 hour

Total marks: 100

(40 marks, approx. 20 minutes)

Q1. Design an anthropomorphic (animal with human attributes) character for an animation film. The character should be based on yourself.

(40 marks, approx. 30 minutes)

Q2. Create a poster for the animation film showing the character.

(20 marks, approx. 10 minutes)

Q3. Explain in short how you went about resolving the idea for the anthropomorphic character.


Industrial Design

Time: 12:30 pm-1:30 pm (1 hour)

Marks: 100

Q1. Tubelight is a typical product seen in many Indian homes. No matter what the design language of your home decor is, there is usually a tube light on one or more walls of the room. Many times, tube light is installed on the wall with very little thought to how it will affect the overall room appearance.

Q2. In this context, design a lamp shade for the tube light. It must be easy to install, allow changing of tube light, easy to transport and aesthetic in appearance.

Q3. Sketch your idea on the sheet provided. Indicate the materials proposed for the design using keywords. Use minimum words, and the idea must be self-explanatory from your sketches.


  • You may use the backside of the sheet for the rough work.

  • No extra sheet will be provided.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Originality

  • Problem-solving

  • Idea representation



Interaction Design

Duration: 1 hour

Total marks: 100

Q1. Imagine two types of worlds in which

A. Al is an assistant to the humans;

B. Al is a collaborator,

Q2. Sketch a "day in the life" of any ONE of the two types of people below:

  • A small grocery shopkeeper with two school going children


  • A blind waiter in a restaurant that employs such people

Q3. Create sketches of scenarios about how they go about and enjoy work and life. Ensure

the scenarios adequately convey the details of the features and interactions with the objects and environments they would experience. The sketches should be self-- explanatory. You may annotate them with text as necessary, but keep it to a minimum. Keep in mind the purpose of this test is to elicit your design response communicated visually, and NOT a written essay.



Communication Design

Duration: 1 hour

Total marks: 100


  • Both questions below should be answered on one side of the A3 sheet given to you The back of the sheet is for any rough work you might do

  • The larger section of the paper (at right) is for question 1-draw in this space. The nauer section (at left) is for question 2.


1. Creatively visualize a protest scene. Draw in the given space.

2. Name any two designs, designers, or design firms you know about and speak of what you like about them (ideas, products or people), their work. Write in 3-5 bullet pointe only. (min. 3 and max. 5).

Wish you all the best!

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